YA Contemporary Novel

Hi! My name is Kayla!

I’m a preschool teacher. I’m 25 years old. I’ve been writing since high school. However, I have never been published. Although I would like to self publish my novel in a year or so.

I am looking for a critique partner to share my story with a few chapters at a time. I am still actively working on my story and would like to get feedback as I go. I would like to exchange work a week or two at a time. (For example: Three chapters every two weeks. Or 5,000 words).

However, I am open to other schedule ideas if you happen to have a different idea.

My novel is a YA/NA Contemporary Fiction. It follows a group of young adults living in a townhouse in Chicago. They experiences the ups and downs of following their dreams together. They are able to lean on each other in good times and bad.

It might sound cheesy but that’s what I’m hoping to find in a Critique Partner, someone to lean on in good writing times and bad.

If you are interested please let me know!

Hi Kayla,

I’m 36 years old, and also have never been published, but I am seeking a traditional route.

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom to a 14 month old boy and owner of a small deck-building company. I do most of my writing when everyone has gone to sleep.

I have a “completed” MG contemporary novel that I am doing final edits on, preparing to query. My main problem is, I get really busy and tend to push my writing/edits back and then never get to them until months later.

I have never had a critique partner before, but I think that it would help me stay motivated to actually finish if I had a deadline and someone to help hold me accountable. I too would love to find a writing partner to share the ups and downs of following our publishing dreams!

Although I am new at critique partnering, I think I could offer valuable feedback. I would love to exchange manuscripts and feedback one chapter at a time if you are interested.

I hope to hear from you!


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Awesome! I sent you a message to discuss further!

Kayla :two_hearts:

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