Writing Partner for SFF MG+Adult

Hello, my name is Che Gilson but I also have a MG pen name- Shay Emms. I have some books published under both names, well, more under Che than Shay.

I write for children and adults. Everything I write is fantasy. I like to read sci-fi but I don’t really write it and I don’t read as much SF as F. I adore magic of all kinds, mythology, monsters, supernatural critters, urban fantasy and secondary world fantasy. My MG novels are action/adventure, school/magic school (huge weakness of mine) or quieter books about friends and family. I also like contest plots and fairytale retellings. In contrast my adult novels tend to be very action oriented with lots of swearing and violence. So if you want to read my adult work be warned.

I have a few writing partners already but I’d like to expand my very small circle. A lot of it is just talking about writing, having a safe place to whinge about the industry, commiserate over rejection, float ideas, read outlines, and brainstorm. Sometimes it’s exchanging chapters, scenes, snippets, or whole books for critique. The most important part of a writing partnership is just keeping in touch. And keeping each other going. Whether its glowing praise or pestering each other to actually sit down and write. Offering advice, quick edits/insights/impressions, sending links to articles, watching the markets, sharing info, etc.

It can take awhile to get going, but for me and my writing process it has been invaluable. But it’s basically “trying to make friends as adults” which is difficult. Finding people who not only can bet read a single book, but who can long term understand you and your work and what your trying to accomplish is invaluable. It lets you have a sounding board, a crit partner and a friend all in one. And it’s not limited to sharing writing either but also query letters, outlines, synopsis and even recipes :slight_smile:

I am located in Oregon, but one of my current and long term good friends is in Britain, the other in WA state. Keeping up with email is key. Sending bits of writing, or even just talking about TV shows.

Here is a short sample of one of my MG novels which I recently queried:

Chapter 1
Everyone at the breakfast table had their faces buried in something to read. Including Violet, though her face was buried in a folding map of Unseen Preparatory Academy of Mystical Arts’ Grimoire Annex. Sunlight spilled over the thin parchment, and the ink marking out the twisting passageways glittered in the light. Violet groped for her cup of fragrant tea, but her hand froze before she could find it.
As she watched sub-level four, corridor 6-B disappeared. She shivered and glared at the map. A second later the missing hallway reappeared on sub-level eight just off corridor 3-C. The books were so full of magic that they leaked, which bent time and space. The corridors shifted constantly and so did the map.
If knowledge were the conqueror of fear, Violet was still waiting for a victory. She studied the Annex constantly, hoping some secret pattern would be revealed, a key to understanding the grimoires and their power, but none ever emerged.
“Pass the toast.”
Violet jumped, startled out of her thoughts by the voice. Angelice, her not-quite-sister, didn’t notice. She nudged Violet without looking up. Propped up on a teapot in front of Angelice was a thin book of poetry which smelled faintly of lavender.
She reached over Remi, her not-quite-brother, who shoveled eggs into his mouth without glancing away from a thick book titled The Annotated History of Fortune Telling: Past, Present and Future. Violet held the plate of toast for Angelice. She took two slices and finally left off the poetry to search for the butter.

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Are you still looking for a writing partner?

Yes! I am! Thank you for getting in touch!

Ok! My email is jenniimue@gmail.com.

Hi there, is there space for another writing partner in this little group? I’m at that point too where I want to expand my writers circle, maybe get a group conversation going to talk through new ideas and motivate each other to get unstuck. Would either of you be interested in this?

I write YA Fantasy and am fighting my way through my first WIP (which has seen SEVERAL outline revisions that set me back) and sometimes really want to just vent with people who understand the struggle haha!

I would be interested!

Yeah! Hit me up any time. I LOVE to talk about writing!

great! thanks so much! Jenni, I’ve already sent you an email because you posted the address above, CheG how can I get in contact with you?

You can email me at chegilson[at]gmail[dot]com