Welcome to Crit Collective

Crit Collective is a completely free online forum for writers who want to connect with one another and find critique partners, writing partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers, and a writing community. Post a description of your own work and see who responds, or browse postings from other writers.

The Crit Collective forum is like online dating for critique partners. You can post your description of yourself and your work, and you can also browse posts made by others. This forum works if you use it.

While we do moderate the forum and respond decisively and quickly to abuse of the forum, we do not help facilitate critique relationships, do any kind of matching on your behalf, or control relationships that have started on this forum. This is a place to meet other writers. What you do in your potential relationship is up to you, from working style to meeting online vs. in person, to how you exchange files, to any payment exchanged.

You have the option to purchase professional Quick Crits from up and coming editors at minimal cost.

There are two ways to use Crit Collective:

  • Post about yourself
  • Reach out to a writer based on their post

How to craft a strong intro or response post about you and your writing

If you are seeking a critique partner, writing partner, beta reader, or sensitivity reader, please introduce yourself! You can create a new post OR respond to someone else’s post.

You can search in the Critique Partner, Writing Partner, Beta Reader, or Sensitivity Reader category, OR post in yourself in one of the Browse by Genre or Browse by Audience categories that best resemble your work.

The following template will be suggested for all new posts across the forum. You are welcome to use it or to craft a post that better matches you and your work.

For a successful post, please include:

  • Name or pen name:
  • Audience or category of your writing (literary fiction, young adult, etc.)
  • Genre of your writing (fantasy, historical, etc.), if applicable
  • What you would like your partner to do? (read a whole manuscript, read the first ten pages, exchange writing prompts, etc.)
  • What you are willing to do for your partner? (remember—you have to give to receive critique, so what are you available to do for a potential partner)
  • How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner, and any time parameters you would like to put on the relationship?
  • Your location, if applicable
  • A sample of your writing, if you’re comfortable with sharing.

Posting Your Writing Online

If you would like, we encourage you to include a short (500 words) writing sample with your post. Beware that posting your work online is your decision, and could have potential ramifications. It is up to you whether you would like to post your writing online.

Exchanging Personal information

Do not post your email address or phone number in your initial post. Reach out to potential partners via direct message first, then you can exchange details if you feel the writer is a good fit. Any of your information that you post is your choice and your responsibility. No information is solicited, no offers or guarantees are made or implied as a result of using our service.

Liability and Guarantees

We firmly believe that good feedback is essential to any writing process. This forum exists to facilitate connection with other writers who are looking for critique or feedback. What you do with your potential critique partners is up to you, on and off the forum.

Crit Collective facilitates critique connections but does not police the critique relationship. Exchange your work at your own risk. Please report problematic partners to us so that we may consider moderating their accounts. Problematic partners are those who harass, use hate speech, or otherwise act against our principles of a “civilized discussion.” Receiving feedback you do not like does not fall into this category. As with any writing feedback, “take the wisdom and leave the rest.”

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