Time travel historical YA

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Q: Name or pen name

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**A:**old MG, YA teen, tween, NA

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**A:**Historical fantasy with a twist of Sci-Fi

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: Critique my ~12 page first chapter, and if they like the novel, to keep on going to the end, if possible.

Q: What are you willing to do for your partner?
A: I will critique the first chapter, and if we click, I will keep on going to the end.

Q: How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner?
**A:**Any time. My novel is written.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
A: Columbia Gorge. I live in Hood River, OR

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
**A:**Living in ancient Troy with her family, 17-year-old Princess Calypso took her world for granted.

One night, a meteorite rains fire from the sky, and destroys her land.

Now she stands alone, in the ruins of her city, and pleads with Mother Earth for her world to be restored. In exchange, she vows to remain a maiden, and to devote herself completely to the worship of the goddess.

Calypso is unaware that the Phoenician goddess Astarte has been ousted in favor of Melqart, the Phoenician superhero. Astarte wants to return to her dominant status and is looking for someone brave—or naive—enough to do her bidding.

So the goddess offers to send Calypso to the future and bring back Daniel, a ski bum from Colorado. He harbors a sliver of Melqart’s soul. Through Daniel, Astarte is hoping for an alliance —perhaps a dominance, rather than the present day antagonism with Melqart.

If Calypso returns with the young man, she will find Troy standing, its walls kissed by the sun. Then it will be up to Calypso and Daniel to find a way to destroy the meteorite before it strikes.

But time travel turns Daniel into a worthless ghost unable to hold a weapon. He’s useless, until he learns to apply his modern knowledge of physics, math and thermodynamics to his pure energy state.

Along the way their friendship grows. When Daniel confesses he’s in love with her, Calypso knows she swore an oath to Astarte, but finds Daniel irresistible. She must now choose whether to save her world, and with it her beloved father, or her ghostly love.

My 52,000-word YA historical adventure novel, SILENCE, WIND AND CINDER is set in the Middle East in the year 1197 BCE, during a violent, sudden and culturally disruptive time called the Late Bronze Age collapse.

I’d be interested in swapping first chapters. I have a MG historical time travel. Let me know.

Hi Silver

Thank you for your quick reply. I’l love to read your time travel adventure. I do want to send you my first chapter.

Tell me when, and we can swap.


Dear Gianna…Funny enough, I have a finished, YA contemporary fantasy set in the Columbia River Gorge…I have never done the whole ‘critique partner’ thing, but ya gotta get your feet wet sometime, right? If not now, when?

Tannis, this is wonderful! What a great opportunity for a critique from you and a critique of your novel from me, the Columbia Gorge resident!

I’ve been exchanging one chapter at the time, so people can quit when they had enough of my historical fantasy set long ago in a far away place …Emoji

I send out a docx document so you can put your comments and corrections in it.


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Sounds good Gianna. You can e-mail me at webleo@comcast.net Not sure how this goes exactly, tech-wise…Shoot me an e-mail if you want to continue and I’ll send along equal amount of pages…Waterfalls galore! :wink:

Okay Gianna, I think I sent my e-mail to everyone in Crit Collective, lol…My bad…

So shall we do a switch-a-roo and see how it goes? My 16 year-old protagonist is abandoned by her mother in LA, but she ends up in the Gorge by page 20…

I grew up in Spokane and moved to Portland at 30…After ten years I moved cross country to a barrier-Island off the coast of Florida where my husband’s from…I have made many trips back and forth from Oregon to Eastern Washington via the Gorge…You live in a beautiful place…I miss rocks and seasons…Even snow.

Shall I send you pages?

Hi Gianna,

Could we try first ten pages? Would you like to use Google docs? Also, maybe we could write a graph about our background? What do you think?



Hi Silver
Here is my background. I’m a retired physician who five years before retirement was bit by the writing bug. I’ve learned lots since, but still need to learn more. I have a passion for ancient history so I made up a character, a girl living in ancient Troy. Her name is Calypso, a name that means ‘secretive’ in Ancient Greek. The rest is, as they say, history. Or rather historical fantasy.

Want to know more about this mischievous young woman? About her guilt and regrets? About her struggles to fit in and why she never did? I can satisfy your curiosity. Let me know. Gianna

Can we use docx? It’s easier to write comments. I had google docs with someone else and it was a royal pain for me because I write on a MAC and it’s easy to switch to docx.


hi Silver (third email!)

Here is my first chapter. It’s about 12 pages (I lost count ). Gianna

(Attachment CALYPSO.docx is missing)

Hi Gianna, Yes docx is fine. I just followed you on twitter. Not sure how else to exchange email without broadcasting on critcollective. Ill dm you when you follow back. Looking forward to this exchange.



Gianna, What’s your email? I’d prefer to exchange my work outside of the crit collective thread. Thanks.




The attachment did not come through. Can you send me your email address?




I’ve sent you an email to your yahoo account. Please send your chapter!