Seeking Writing partner

Hi, My name is Ann, and i write under the pen name A.Maria. I write contemporary romance, i am working my through debut novel about a married couple. I am looking for a writing “buddy”

Q: Name or pen name
Ann Maria
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**Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:
i write contemporary romance.

Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:
A: Romance

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: I’m looking for a partner to bounce ideas off of, to vent about frustrations one encounters in the writing process, overall encouragement and honest but constructive critique. since im an indian writing a western style story, i need help from you as much as possible with everything.

Q: What are you willing to do for your partner?
A: pretty much the same. i am no critique partner or such, but i hope i can help

Q: How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner?
A: As soon as possible , as im working on my debut now. i have been searching for a writing partner for so long. i hope i can find one through this.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
A: I live in Qatar ( its a GCC country ) but i am an indian

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
A: Blurb : Davis and Amanda are college sweet hearts , they have been married for 5 years. Their perfect love life comes to a crashing hault when they receive a news. On hearing this , they both are devastated. This is their story about how both of them cope up and build their remaining life on new promises & hopes.