Seeking Critique Parner

If you are interested in my short blurb bellow I would like to swap the first three chapters to see if we are a good Match! I am looking for honest feedback regarding characters, plot structure, readability, and overall impression.

My book BONE GIRL has 90.000 words and is Adult Fantasy with elements of underworld mythology and Chicago gangs.

Cera is a bone thief living in the Underworld, working for the. Bone Queen. But she has a big secret. Every year on Storm Day she sneaks up to the Earth to watch a man mourning at a grave. One day she overhears a conversation that this very man is about to be killed, she is startled and loses one of her stolen bones. She is drawn back into the Underworld and is faced with the biggest problem of her life: the bones belong to the Bone Queen and if she doesn’t return the bone, she dies. To save her life she makes a deal with the Blood Queen. Now she has to bring back a book, a kiss and a bone in 99 days, if she doesn’t succeed, she expects worse than death. She will be enslaved forever.

If you like the blurb, feel free to contact me!