Seeking African-American Sensitivity Reader for Picture Book


My names is Kristine, I am European-American, and I am seeing an African-American Sensitivity Reader to provide me with feedback on a non-fiction picture book I wrote about an African-American psychologist.

I would like to the reader to share their reactions with me, in terms of the book in general, as well as if it is offensive for me to write about someone who is another race yet shares the same profession (I am a psychologist). I am willing to discuss potential payment.

A little about my book:
THE DOLL TEST is a 476 word picture book biography about Mamie Phipps Clark, Ph.D., the first African-American woman to earn her doctorate in psychology at Columbia University despite working under a discouraging and openly racist advisor, Henry Garrett, Ph.D.

After graduating, Dr. Clark was asked to rebut Dr. Garrett’s testimony that racial differences in IQ were innate – given her research with dolls showed that differences between black children’s and white children’s school performance were due instead to unequal treatment. It is this research of hers provided the Supreme Court with the scientific evidence in the Brown v. Board of Education case that ended school segregation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions, and thanks for your consideration -