Searching For Poetry Partner

Hi there,

I am Rachel. I live in England and have been writing since I was a teenager. I hope to one day publish a novel but am currently focusing on poetry. I prefer writing in free verse and my topics range from love, grief, family, mental health and even the occasional politically motivated poems. I believe these poems can be enjoyed by anybody but they’re probably most enjoyed by adults in their twenties and thirties.

I would ideally like to find a partner with whom I can share my poems and they share theirs and we provide feedback to each other. I’d also like a partnership where we share writing prompts/tasks/activities so it’s kind of like a small online workshop.

However, I’d also be happy to find a partner who just wants to share/critique poems.

Hello Rachel,
My name is Maria, I live in North Caronlina USA and your stuff is very much up my alley. I would love to be your writing partner. I have notebooks filled with poetry, mainly prose poetry, about the same subjects. Let me know if you want to partner up!!

Hi Maria,

I hope you’re well :slight_smile: This sounds perfect. I mostly write free verse/prose poetry so I think a partnership will work well :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel, Maria,

I’d love to join you guys if you’d be willing. I live in India. I’m fairly new to poetry, particularly prose poetry but I came to it through flash fiction. I feel the flash fiction genre is closer in form and content to prose poetry than other forms of poetry.
I’d love to team up with some folks to share and discuss poetry, and the idea of sharing prompts, activities, tasks is a definite puller. If you are interested, perhaps we could create a Facebook group, and share prompts/poems in the group?

Do let me know if you are interested


Did you three end up connecting? Let us know if there’s anything we can do to facilitate. Poetry partnerships can be very fun and exciting because the writing pace is generally faster. Good luck!

I also write poetry, Would love to connect and share.

Hi I am looking for the same , chris

Welcome @Chris and @Beagles! Let me know if you’ve found a partnership here, or if you want any help with anything!

Hi I am looking for some feedback on my poetry and a bit of help with punctuation,