Romance crit partnership

Pen name: AR Case
Seeking critique partnership for plot expansion.
Can provide chapter length critiques, general feedback, and collaborative feedback in exchange.

Sample available upon request. It would likely be banned for swearing.

Don’t worry about swearing. Whenever someone says, “Pardon my French,” I like to say, “We speak French here!” :wink:


I’m new here and just found this but if you were still interested in a critique partner then I am happy to do some swapsies with you and see if we click?

I’m paranormal and contemporary romance so swearing and naughties are all good this end. :kissing_heart:

Drop me a message or reply and we can have a natter.

Jessfluff xx

Thanks for replying. Now the question is, how to connect? Here’s some options. Off platform contact, which means exposing potentially identifying information here. Weekly small crit sessions in open thread, or somewhere inbetween.

If the mods have suggestions, I’d be happy to explore.

Happy to see what the admins have to say but maybe start with an off platform like for like sample check? See if we like what the other is doing and how they critique?

I’m still all new to this so am happy to go with whatever works best. :slightly_smiling_face:

This platform also has direct messages that you can use to exchange email addresses or other details for connecting. Let us know if you have any questions!