Looking for critique partner for MG adventure/fantasy

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Q: Name or pen name

Q: Audience or category of your writing, if applicable:

Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: I’m looking for a crit partner and friend who would like to swap pages, work on ideas, discuss all aspects of our stories. I am currently in the early stages of working on a novel and would love someone to have conversations with about plot arcs, characters, etc. .

Q: What are you willing to do for your partner?
**A:**I’m more than willing to read your finished manuscript if you’d like! Ideally I would love to find a partner at the same stage or a little further along than me in crafting your novel, but I’m very open to anyone interested!

Q: How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner?
**A:**I’m available to start any time! I do have a job and an almost-2 year old, but I have special reading/writing time set aside almost daily. My ideal situation would be submitting to each other every 2 weeks.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
**A:**Pittsburgh PA

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
**A:**A 10 year old girl’s father has gone missing while on an archaeological dig. Using her skills in riddle solving and code breaking, she learns about her family and unexpected truths about the world around her while she searches for him.

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Hi Samantha! I’m looking for a critique partner also! I’m writing a middle grade novel, though mine isn’t adventure/fantasy. This isn’t a problem for me if it’s not for you. If you’d like to send an email to my regular email - koontzink@gmail.com, I’d be glad to send you a snippet and we can see if we want to work together. I’m about nine chapters into a second draft, btw. I look forward to hearing from you. Rita

Hi, Samantha. I’m interested, if you’re still looking for a crit partner. I’m working on an MG fantasy, too. I’d summarize it as: When a young musician acquires a magical violin of enormous power that seems to be draw deadly trouble, he soon finds his own survival, and that of his world, may turn on figuring out how it came to be enchanted — or accursed.
I’ve finished and revised a 73,000-word draft, but am happy to talk about work, swap critiques, etc., at any stage.