Firelight: YA speculative/spiritual novel

Q: Name or pen name
Katie Jo
**Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:
Young Adult speculative/spiritual

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: I’m looking for someone to read through my almost-finished novel (two chapters left!) a few chapters at a time. I’m not necessarily looking for help with grammar and spelling, but with content. I’d like someone to help make sure my characters aren’t flat, and that the overall story is interesting and makes sense. I’m also hoping for help checking the overall flow/story arc and someone who isn’t afraid to clarify what isn’t flowing or point out what is confusing. Also hoping to be reassured that it’s a book with plenty of hooks to keep you wanting to know what happens next!
That said, I’d love to make a new friend, not just an editing partner. :slight_smile:

Q: What are you willing to do for your partner?
A: I would love to go on a journey reading and helping with your novel, giving feedback and suggestions and edits as I am able–I’m a stay at home mom with two children under 3. :crazy_face: Helping you in return will help keep me accountable in the finishing and editing of my book as well as pressure me (in a fun way!) to read your work and get back to you. Let me know if you’re interested in swapping a few chapters to see if we fit. I’ll tell you up front I’m not willing to read something “R rated.”

Q: How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner?
A: I’m ready to start right away, perhaps a 2-3 chapters at a time. Maybe every two weeks? I don’t mind helping with an unfinished work. My novel is 2 chapters shy of completion. It is 96,500+ words at present.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
**A:**Michigan, United States

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
A coming-of-age novel :slight_smile:
5-sentence/paragraph summary:
1.Vesta Berath and her twin brother Austev live on the fringes of The Circle with their mother and stepfather, just existing, until they finally receive their Firelighting invitation.
2.She has to choose to accept her brother’s unexpected refusal to attend and also that she’s been partnered with her ex-boyfriend, Cinaed.
3.She finds out that her father, who was “taken” by the Darkness years ago, is nearby, but before she can figure out a definitive plan to rescue her him, she and other Firelighting trainees are captured by the Darkness.
4.While in captivity, she soon discovers the truth of her father’s disappearance and that her brother is also within the ranks of the Darkness, and she must choose which one to rescue.
5. She attempts rescue her brother, but they are both nearly killed, but at the last moment are miraculously rescued by Firebrands, and, despite her father choice to return to the Darkness, Vesta must understand and embrace her purpose and what it means to be a Firebrand.