Critique partner or beta reader for YA SF Heist novel

Hi, I’m Brian and I’m looking to swap material with another writer to exchange feedback, or looking for Beta Readers who would be interested to provide feedback. In particular I’d like to get feedback about plot, characters, and pacing.

Q: Name or pen name
A: Brian

Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:
A: YA SF Heist / Adventure

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: Trade manuscripts and provide feedback. Alternatively, we could trade a few chapters first and see how it goes from there.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
A: Texas, USA

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
A: On a city-sized space station, a 17 year old con artist must steal back a racing drone from the cop who confiscated it. If she fails, her best friend will go to prison.

Hey Brian, I’m interested in trying a first chapter swap. You didn’t leave your email addy.
Mine is benjj1706(at)gmail(dot)com