Beta Reader/Critique Partner for YA Contemporary Novel

For a successful post, please answer the following questions. Feel free to use this as a template, or give your introduction an individual spin:

Q: Name or pen name
A: C.C. Hansen

Q: Audience or category of your writing, if applicable:
A: YA Contemporary - clean, but on the mature side of content

Q: Genre of your writing, if applicable:
A: YA Contemporary

Q: What would you like your partner to do?
A: I am looking for someone who would be willing to exchange critiques of a finished manuscript.

Q: What are you willing to do for your partner?
A: I would be willing to offer feedback on their finished or partially finished manuscript.

Q: How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner?
A: I am flexible.

Q: Your location, if applicable:
A: Montana, USA, but my setting is Minneapolis, MN (I grew up in there)

Q: Please describe your project in 500 words or less, or paste a sample here!
A: Steve wants nothing more than to completely cut ties with his estranged mother. Alex would do anything to talk to her deceased mother again. The two are thrust together when they are pared in a scholarship contest. They must come to terms with their pasts in order to move on toward their future.

Contact me at if interested!