About the Writing Partner category

This category is for writers seeking a writing partner, which is defined as a fellow writer or author who is asked to partner for a potential long-term relationship across multiple projects. This is for writers really looking to establish a bond with a fellow writer.

Remember, Crit Collective is a place to meet your critique partner, but we do not regulate the relationship. For more information, please check out our about post and FAQ.

As a general rule of thumb, for a successful writing partner post, please include:

  • Name or pen name
  • Audience or category of your writing (literary fiction, young adult, etc.)
  • Genre of your writing (fantasy, historical, etc.), if applicable
  • What you would like your partner to do (read a whole manuscript, read the first ten pages, exchange writing prompts, etc.)
  • What you are willing to do for your partner (remember—you have to give to receive critique, so what are you available to do for a potential partner)
  • How quickly you would ideally like to work with your partner, and any time parameters you would like to put on the relationship
  • Your location, if applicable
  • A short description of your project (500 words is a good starting point) or excerpt of your writing.

If you aren’t finding your writing partner yet, check out a professional Quick Crit.